Sunday’s Sermon

Are You Anchored?”                                  October 25, 2020

Let’s begin with prayer…

O God, may you be with us as we gather together to worship you. Teach us your ways. May we be open to hear Your voice in the message today, calling to each one of us and telling us of your love. May you bless our time together.  Amen.

One of my daily devotion readings said: “Come to me continually. I am meant to be the Center of your consciousness, the Anchor of your soul. Your mind will wander from Me, but the question is how far you allow it to wander. An anchor on a short rope lets a boat drift only slightly before the taut line tugs the boat back toward the center. Similarly, as your drift away from Me, My Spirit within you gives a tug, prompting you to return to Me. As you become increasingly attuned to My Presence, the length of rope on your soul’s Anchor is shortened. You wander only a short distance before feeling that inner tug – telling you to return to your true Center in Me.” (taken from Jesus Calling by Sarah Young, July 29th devotion)  That devotion got me to thinking about “What are we anchored to?” 

So, our scripture for this morning is found in Hebrews 6:19 which says: “19 We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure. It enters the inner sanctuary behind the curtain,”

On November 15, 1959, my ship set sail for the first time upon the seas of life and for a little over 60 years now that ship has been sailing.  In those 60 years there have been a lot of trials and tests. I believe that all of you can say the same thing because I’m not in this boat alone. We are all in this boat together.

For a long time, I sailed on life’s troubled seas, not knowing where I was going, or even why I was here. How many of you can relate to that? James described my condition like this in James 1:6, “… that wavereth is like a wave of the sea driven with the wind and tossed.” My ship was constantly being tossed around by the waves of life and many times I felt seasick.

One minute the seas of life would be as smooth as a glass and the next minute, the waves would roll, the winds of adversity would blow, and I had lost control. I know that there are many out there who would try to tell you that they are the masters of their own destiny and there may some truth to that, but we do not have control over many of the storms that come our way.

We can try to eat the right foods but that won’t mean that we won’t get sick. We can exercise all the time but that won’t keep us from having physical problems. In fact, it sometimes brings them on quicker.

You can try any preventative methods you want to, rub on all the creams you want to in order to get rid of the signs of aging, and you can take all the vitamins on the market, but none of those will keep you from facing the storms of life that will surely come your way

How long did you sail without knowing where you were going? Are you still going through life, day-by-day, and wondering why you are here and were you are going? Do you feel like you are just being tossed about by everything that comes along? Do you have an anchor that you can hold on to?

A lot of people are just drifting through life without a purpose and not knowing where they are going. They take each day, one at a time, and wonder what tomorrow will hold. They have no anchor, nothing to give them peace and nowhere to turn in the times of trouble.

I’m glad to know that I have found an anchor for my ship of life. There’s something that I can place all of my trust in, and rely upon, to keep me safe in the storms of life. That anchor is in Jesus Christ. He has given me hope and a purpose and I know my destination. My anchor holds.

On the day that Jesus was born into this world, the anchor began to form. For 33 ½ years He sailed this sea of life right along with us, but he never lost His way like all the rest of us. He was anchored to Heaven’s Throne. Jesus came to this world so that you and I could get hold of that same anchor and have real hope.

What is that hope? Is it like saying, “I hope I get a raise”? Is it like saying, “I hope I get to buy that new car next year”? No, it’s a far greater hope than that! Jesus came to give us the great hope, the full assurance, the anchor of our lives that lets us know that He has prepared a place for us, and made a way for us to get to Heaven, where we will spend eternity in peace and joy. Thank God for the anchor!

When Jesus went back into Heaven He didn’t leave us without hope. We have an anchor that is steadfast. In nautical terms the steadfast part of the anchor isn’t the anchor itself, nor the chain or rope it’s tied to. The steadfast part is the ocean floor.

Our anchor is not in soft sand, or in the seaweed, or attached to a false stone or idol. We have a  anchor that is steadfast; fastened in the Rock of Ages, Jesus Christ, who never changes. He is the same yesterday, today and forever. Our lives can be anchored on the end and attached to something that will never move, never change and never let go.

What does this anchor do for us?  This anchor keeps us from drifting too far from where God wants us to be.  Jesus knows that we have a tendency to drift away from the place where we’re supposed to be. But when we start drifting a little too far, our anchor holds, and it yanks our chain pulling us back to Jesus.

When I haven’t been praying like I should, or reading the Word like I should, I’ve had the Lord yank my chain in the middle of the night, wake me up, and I can hear the voice the Lord in my heart saying, “You’re drifting too far away. It’s time to come back.” My anchor sets boundaries on how far I can go. The only way I can go too far is to turn loose of the anchor.

Being a Christian means that I need to maintain a relationship with the Lord and meet certain standards. There are some things I can’t do and there are some places I just can’t go. But I’d rather have Jesus than all those things anyway. I know that my Lord is real. I know that He has given me a sure foundation. I have His promise in the Word of God and I can feel him in my soul.

I can’t hold on to the rope of hope in Christ and go out into the world of sin. You can’t hold on to Jesus with one hand and the world with the other. The anchor isn’t long enough. You have to turn loose of the world and hold on to Jesus with both your hands, with all your mind, soul, heart and strength.

This anchor gives us ties us with God. We have hold of one end of this anchor, and He is the other end. When we fall on our knees, or on our face before God, our rope of hope gives a little tug that reaches out and tugs at the heart of God.

It’s like the in the movies where a deep sea diver will tie a rope to their belt and give three tugs on the rope when they need help.  When we pray we tug on the rope and heaven goes into action on our behalf.  Jesus won’t let us drown.

Isaiah 43:1-3,

“But now, this is what the Lord says— he who created you, Jacob, he who formed you, Israel: “Do not fear, for I have redeemed you; I have summoned you by name; you are mine. When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; and when you pass through the rivers, they will not sweep over you.  When you walk through the fire, you will not be burned; the flames will not set you ablaze. For I am the Lord your God, the Holy One of Israel, your Savior. . .”

Our anchor gives us a source of power to draw upon. Our rope of hope, anchored in Jesus, acts a lot like an extension cord that’s plugged into a power outlet on the other end.  It is connecting us to the greatest power source there is.

As long as we hold on to Jesus, He will sustain us.  We can’t hold this rope by our own power, but we must decide to take hold. After that, it is the power of God that helps us to hold on.

There’s a song that Ray Boltz made popular a few years ago that is titled, “The Anchor Holds”. The chorus of that song says this:

The anchor holds though the ship is battered

The anchor holds though the sails are torn

I have fallen on my knees as I faced the raging seas

The anchor holds in spite of the storm

As long as we decide to hold on to Jesus, He will hold on to us and no power on earth, nor power of hell, can separate us from the love of God that binds us to our anchor.  Jesus supplies the power for us to maintain our hold.

You may face situations that look hopeless, but hold on, there is hope. You may feel helpless, but there is still help. You may feel powerless, but hold on, the anchor holds and there is power to see you through.

Are you anchored in Jesus right now? Is your anchor holding? Have you turned loose of the hope that is only found in Jesus? Where else can you find an anchor that sure like this one?

Take hold of Hope. Hold on to the rope of salvation that is anchored in Jesus. You can hold on with confidence and with assurance that it will never break, wear out or turn loose.

My Anchor holds this morning. Are You Anchored?

Let’s pray…

Lord, Lead us out into our community with your hope as our anchor to hold onto. May we in turn show Your hope to those around us who might be searching, lonely, angry, or hurting so that they may have something to hold onto also. Help those who feel that they are adrift. Give them your anchor of hope to cling to. In Your name we pray. Amen.

~ Pastor Melody