One of the most successful slogans says that “Diamonds are Forever.” This might be true. They are carbon crystals formed under great heat and pressure. Even if the suns of the universe should cease to shine, diamonds might still be present. (there just may be no one to appreciate them) Who knows how long it might take for the bonds of carbon atoms to simply dissolve.  On earth diamonds are rather rare, but I once watched a show that theorized that diamonds fall as rain on the surface of Jupiter.  The pressure of the atmosphere is so great that it causes the prevalence of carbon in the atmosphere to form crystals and plummet to the surface.  Can you imagine a planet surface stacked deep in diamond crystals?  Beauty, riches, and glory are relative concepts. How would we think about such things if we could witness heaven or see the person of God? What would happen if the eternal were become more real to us than that which is transient? Would a diamond still impress us? Would we see life any different?


This Sunday I am preaching on Isaiah 6:1-8 and Isaiah’s vision of God.  What happens to us and to life when we perceive the eternal and the glory of God within?