About Empire UMC

 Our Mission:

“To live out a faith in Jesus Christ through our efforts to hear others, share in God’s truths, join in worship, and celebrate in the Joy of God’s grace.”  

A community who goes out, serving in love, sharing Christ.

Welcome! At Empire United Methodist Church you will find friends and a Christian Spirit that welcomes you. Our church has been in ministry to our community and world since 1895.

We are an active church throughout the year: Welcoming the many visitors to our Church and community in the summer and celebrating faith and life during the months of winter.

Our church will become a better and more exciting place with YOU here. You are most welcome to join us in worship, our activities and ministries. Please come and be a part of our church family.

On the road to Emmaus, the resurrected Christ encountered his disciples waling away from Jerusalem. they carried with them a sad tale of loss and grief. The one they thought to be the messiah had been crucified and now their world didn’t seem to make any sense. Jesus listened to their story. He entered into their world and taught them. Their hearts burned within them as they listened and knew they were hearing the truth even as they had with Jesus before his crucifixion, but their eyes were shut toward seeing that this was Jesus with them. In breaking of the bread Jesus made himself known and the disciples ran back to Jerusalem to tell the others that they had seen the lord. He is really alive!

The word companion comes from Latin and literally means “one who eats bread with you”. As Jesus listened, entered into his disciples story, and brought them to a place of worship and celebration, he truly fed his disciples and shared the bread of life with them. A companion in faith is called to acknowledge and share in God encounters in life and others; enter into another’s story; and move together toward worship and celebration. As a church we are called to be the resurrected presence of Christ as a companion in faith to all.

Our Sunday worship service is at 10:00 AM